Best Sex Positions for Women | 5 Best Sex Positions for Women

ADMINAugust 21, 2023

Most Comfortable Position for a Woman during Sex | Best Sex Positions for Women: Missionary and Doggy style are most favorite

The orgasm gap is widely known. Compared to men, women are less likely to orgasm during sex.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to fulfill your sexual fantasies. The greatest sex positions for women can ensure that you (or your spouse) have the pleasure that you (or they) deserve. Finding your favorites could need some trial and error because every body is unique. But a fantastic place to start is with these moves that experts recommend.

Therefore, if you want to shake things up in the bedroom, grab your spouse and try out these positions that sex experts recommend.


Get moving, partner. The cowgirl posture promotes clitoris rubbing, which is frequently essential for the female orgasm. “You can choose the pace, depth, and angle of penetration when riding in this position, which can help you find what feels best,”

According to Berkheimer, one person will lie on their back with their legs straight out while the other partner straddles them, facing their head, to perform the cowgirl. The standing partner can then place a sex object or their partner’s penis inside their vagina.

Missionary with a Pillow

Missionary with a Pillow Sex Position - Best Sex Positions for Women | 5 Best Sex Positions for Women

Clearly, the person who claimed that working in a mission was uninteresting had never attempted the Moore’s variety. Just elevate the woman’s hips a little before you start, advises Moore, by placing a pillow beneath them.

With this straightforward adjustment, clitoral stimulation is boosted and deeper penetration is possible. Moore says, “The additional support and elevation can amplify sensations and heighten pleasure.”

Doggy style

Doggy Style Sex Position - Best Sex Positions for Women | 5 Best Sex Positions for Women

“This position allows for deeper penetration and provides an opportunity to stimulate the G-spot,”. The hands are free to explore the clitoris or other erogenous zones because of the angle of insertion, which can produce powerful sensations.


Spooning Sex Position - Best Sex Positions for Women | 5 Best Sex Positions for Women

Intimacy and deep penetration are possible in this position, which also promotes comfort and relaxation. The position of the woman’s legs can be changed to alter the pressure and angle of entry.

Both partners are lying on their sides, with the penetrating partner standing in the back. The penetrating partner merely makes thrusting motions and, for added enjoyment, can even reach around to rub the clitoris or breasts.

The coital-alignment technique (CAT)

The coital-alignment technique (CAT) Sex Position - Best Sex Positions for Women | 5 Best Sex Positions for Women

CAT is a subtly different posture from the typical missionary position that may be more comfortable for women. Your partner’s body will come into closer touch with your clitoris and the surrounding erogenous zone if you adjust the tilt of your pelvis, increasing the enjoyment.

In order to stimulate the clitoris with each action, your partner should also concentrate on gentle, back and forth rocking motions rather than quick in and out motions.

Final Thoughts

The majority of the time, clitoral stimulation is crucial to a woman orgasming during sex.

Therefore, optimum positions are those that provide access to the clitoris. Try out different variations of the postures mentioned above to find which suits you the best.

Don’t forget to communicate as well. When you express your wishes and let your spouse know what it will take to make you feel ecstatic, communication can improve sex.


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